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Mobility Supplies Active Sports Wheelchair


Designed to fit a fast-paced lifestyle for anyone that wants to do sports or any physical activities. Ultra-lightweight, aerodynamic, and great maneuverability – you’ll be sure that Active Sports Wheelchair will be with you wherever you go at peak performance.

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Mobility Supplies’ Active Sports Wheelchair is an ultra-lightweight sports wheelchair perfect for those with an active lifestyle!

The Active Sports Wheelchair has an ergonomic design perfect for people engaged with sports or any physical activity. The backrest has 4 adjustable and rear moments for sleeker movement.

The sports wheelchair is made of high-quality lightweight aluminum alloy with EV Oxford cloth. It’s easy to fold forward, carry, transport and store. The wheelchair is also waterproof and corrosion-resistant!

With its ergonomic designed seat belt, you can freely adjust the length and prevent forward tilting. 

For additional user safety, the device has detachable non-slip push handles, sensitive hand brakes for better handling, and an adjustable rear seat height. Bonus: the rear and alloy front wheels are also shock-absorbent!

Aside from athletic and physically active users, the Active Sports Wheelchair is also suitable for postoperative rehabilitation patients, elderly, pregnant women, adolescents, people with inconvenient legs, fall wounds, or bone problems, and disabled people.

With its ultra-lightweight design, aerodynamic movement, and great maneuverability features– you’ll be sure that Active Sports Wheelchair is your great ally wherever you go at peak performance.


Ergonomically designed for sports or any active activity

Adjustable front and rear movements

Made by high-quality lightweight aluminum alloy


Cushions are made with waterproof EV Oxford cloth

Backrest can be folded forward for easy carry

Comfortable padded and soft armrest

Pocket at the back of backrest

Detachable non-slip push handles

Sensitive handbrakes for better handling

Equipped with seat belts

Adjustable backrest height

Wear-resistant, breathable, and washable cotton cushion

Shock-absorbing rear wheel and alloy front wheel

Maximum loading capacity of 100kg


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Length: 80cm

Width: 64cm

Overall Height: 73cm

Seat Height: 53cm

Seat Width: 38cm

Seat Depth: 36cm

Backrest Height: 30cm

Rear Wheel Diameter: 60cm

Front Wheel Diameter: 10cm

Net Weight: 13kg

Max Load: 100kg


Fully assembled wheelchair

User Manual

Push Handles

Please Note: The wheelchair is ready to use once it arrives, no building required. It comes complete with everything you need to operate from the get-go with no additional parts needed.


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Phone: (044) 794-1224



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