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Mobility Supplies Foldable Electric Wheelchair w/ Remote


Mobility Supplies Reclining Motorized Wheelchair (Automatic Reclining)

motorized electric wheelchair automatic reclining

Mobility Supplies Reclining Motorized Wheelchair (Manual Reclining)


A top-of-the-line manually reclined foldable motorized chair that offers ease of use, long battery life, and comfortability to its users. It can be used on all kinds of terrains in all types of situations and best companion while traveling because of its foldable function.

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If you’re into traveling, you deserve a wheelchair that’s long-lasting, comfortable, and easy to use in all kinds of terrains and situations. Mobility Supplies’ Reclining Motorized Wheelchair is the device for you!

It’s a top-of-the-line wheelchair with a high back manual reclining backrest with headrest and a foldable function. The folding speed is fast and the size will shrink almost twice, making it easy to store and carry while traveling.

The reclining motorized wheelchair has a removable and thick breathable cushion, wide seats, and adjustable armrests and footplates for maximum comfort. It’s expertly made to prevent bedsores and deformed tail, lumbar, and cervical spine issues.

With its compact design, easy-to-use joystick control, and removable footplate, you can easily navigate around indoor and outdoor places. You can switch between manual and electric mode anytime you need. 

For additional user safety, the manual reclining motorized wheelchair has shock-absorbing wheels with non-slip hand rim rubbers and an EABS Parking Brake System with strong stopping power. The large front and rear wheels are guaranteed stable for elderly and disabled users.

The Mobility Supplies’ Manual Reclining Motorized Wheelchair is suitable for different road types such as grass, slopes, bricks, muddy, and very rugged roads.


High back manual reclining backrest with headrest

Removable and thick breathable cushion

Wide seats for maximum comfort

Easily foldable within seconds and compact for easy storage and transportation

Manual and Electric dual-mode which can be switched anytime

Adjustable armrests and footplate for optimum comfort

Easy to use joystick control

Removable footplate to assist with transfers

Compact design for indoor and outdoor use

Handbrake capable

Powered by lithium battery 24V* 20A

Maximum speed of 6km/hr

15-25km range

Shock-absorbing wheels with non-slip hand rim rubbers

EABS Parking Brake System with very strong stopping power

Large wheels for stability (10” front and 16” rear)

Suitable for all different road types such as grass, slopes, bricks, muddy, and very rugged roads

Maximum loading capacity of 150kg


Size: 110×62.5x128cm

Folded Size: 78x37x73cm

Battery: 24V* 20A, 15-25km Lithium Battery

Motor: 250W* 2

Seat Width: 46cm

Seat Depth: 43cm

Seat Height: 48cm

Front Wheel: 10 inches

Rear Wheel: 16 inches

Load: 150kg

Travel Speed: 6km/hr

Charging Time: 6-8 hours

Wheelchair Weight: 34kg

Battery Weight: about 3kg


Fully assembled wheelchair

Lithium Battery

Battery Charging Pack

User Manual

Seat Cushion

Please Note: The wheelchair is ready to use once it arrives, no building required. It comes complete with everything you need to operate from the get-go with no additional parts needed.


Cellphone: 09979749318

Phone: (044) 794-1224



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