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How Much Is A Wheelchair in the Philippines?

Are you buying a wheelchair for yourself or a loved one? Do you need an idea of how much it would cost you to buy one?

With the ongoing community quarantine nationwide, walking around the streets of Bambang or traveling to another city to buy a wheelchair can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a specific chair model in mind yet.

There are different types of wheelchairs available in the Philippine market. Some wheelchairs have different features for specific concerns. 

It’s best to identify first your needs and preferences to determine the right mobility chair for you.

If you’re wondering how much a wheelchair costs in the Philippines, we’re here to give you the answers! Read on and find out which wheelchairs fit your needs and pockets!.

Manual Wheelchair

A manual wheelchair allows the user to move around without the help of an electrical source or motor. It can be self-propelled or can be maneuvered with the help of another person.

You can buy this chair for around P3,000.00-P26,500.

Depending on the features, manual wheelchairs are usually cheaper than electric ones. Some of the factors that affect the price are:

  • Accessories
  • Additional features
  • Materials and components

Different types of manual wheelchairs are as follows:


A foldable wheelchair can be folded into a more compact size. It can fit most vehicles easily and is ideal for travelers.

You can even buy one at a local drugstore near you!

Price: P3,000.00 up to P5,000.00, depends on brands


A reclining wheelchair is popular for its tilt feature. It allows the user to bevel while on the chair, giving them easier access. It’s also ideal for those who sit on a chair most of the time.

Price: P8,000.00 up to P15,000.00, depends on brands

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Commode / Bathroom

A commode or bathroom wheelchair is a toilet chair that has an opening seat for a waste receptacle. It is designed for maintaining hygienic use of patients with less mobility.

Price: P5,500.00 up to P10,000.00


wheelchair basketball in the philippines

Did you know that even people with disabilities can become athletes too? Paralympics give hope to many Filipinos with cerebral palsy. And that is thanks to the invention of high-quality sports wheelchairs.

Sports wheelchairs are specially made for users with active lifestyles. You can use this type of mobility aid when playing sports like basketball, tennis, racing, and others.

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Price: approximately P26,500.00

Electric or Powered Wheelchair

An electric or powered wheelchair is propelled by motors. Since it has motors and electrical components attached to the chair, it is typically bigger than manual types.

The price of an electric or powered chair ranges from P36,750.00 up to P57,750.00, depending on features.

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Some of the variants of electric or powered wheelchairs are:

Foldable Electric Wheelchair

A foldable electric wheelchair is usually controllable through an easy-to-use joystick controller. It has motors as a source of electricity that propels the chair while maneuvering.

Price: P36,750.00 up to P42,000.00, depends if it has a remote or none

Reclining Motorized Wheelchair

A reclining motorized wheelchair is a type of electric chair with a tilt feature. It gives its user ease of use and comfort, as it can be reclined up to 160 degrees! You can change from sitting to sleeping position with ease because of this feature.

Price: P38,800.00-P57,750.00

Get Your Own Wheelchair Now!

Now you have an idea about the price ranges, the next step is to find a trusted store to buy a wheelchair in the Philippines. Do you prefer to visit the store in person or buy them online and have them delivered to you?

Depending on your choice, you’ll have to adjust your budget for necessary travel fees if you’re going to their store or delivery fees if you prefer buying online.

If you’re looking for a trusted and authorized local seller of wheelchairs, check out Mobility Supplies!

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