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4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Reclining Wheelchair

Are you looking for a comfortable and easy-to-use wheelchair?

Choosing the right one can be confusing. Many types of wheelchairs are available in the market today.

You have to find one that fits your medical condition well and your personal preferences.

Having a purpose will help you decide when purchasing mobility aid.

If comfort and ease of use are your top priority, consider getting a reclining wheelchair (tilt wheelchair).

A reclining wheelchair has a unique feature where the user can tilt the back or footrest (or both). This function gives the user enough comfort and ease in its regular usage.

It’s also great for users with severe hip extension contracture or orthostatic hypotension.

Here are some things you need to consider when buying a reclining wheelchair:

1. Comfort

Wheelchair users take most of their time sitting. Hence, you must find the one that can provide you the most comfort, depending on your need.

Consider the cushion type that comes with the seat too. Additionally, check if the armrests are movable to give you ease in getting on and off the seat. These features help prevent bedsores and deformed tail, lumbar, and cervical spine issues

Some reclining wheelchairs have an up to 180-degree recline to give the user and caregiver more access during hygiene tasks.

The reclining feature also helps ease the blood flow. You can easily switch from seating to sleeping condition in an instant.

2. Available options for adjustable size and height

Not all items come in a “one size fits all” feature, including wheelchairs.

Consider your height and size. Check if there are available options for adjustments and modifications fit for you.

 Other things you must determine to get the most comfortable fit are:

  • the seatsize
  • armrest type and height
  • manual recline or automatic recline
  • footrest style
  • back height
  • fllor to seat height
  • the wheelchair’s weight and its weight limit
reclining wheelchair

3. Stability and durability

The average lifespan of a wheelchair is 2 to 3 years, while some can last up to 5 years or more.

The usage frequency may shorten its lifespan due to its normal wear and tear.

Reclining wheelchairs are more expensive compared to manual ones.

Since you will be spending money, might as well think about the quality, stability, and durability the reclining aid has to offer.

4. Budget

Of course, you must consider the cost. Aside from the cost of the wheelchair itself, consider also your budget for the following:

  • maintenance
  • accessories
  • upkeeps
  • modifications, if needed

Get your own reclining wheelchair today!

For people with mobility problems, there’s nothing more comforting than a device that adjusts well with your needs.

Make sure you buy your reclining wheelchair from a trusted mobility store to ensure the quality and safety of the device.

If you’re looking for prime yet affordable wheelchairs in the Philippines, check out Mobility Supplies!

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