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Benefits of Using Motorized Wheelchair

Did you know that about 10 to 15 percent of any given population consists of per­sons living with disabilities (PWDs) in need of some form of assistive technology?

These assistive devices include such as a wheelchair to help them with their daily needs, activities, and mobility.

Additionally, with over 100 million population in the Philippines, there could be about 15 million Filipinos living with a disability today.

The importance of wheelchairs to people with disabilities is immeasurable.

Regardless of the type, these mobility devices empower people with reduced mobility daily.

With the advent of healthcare technology, modern wheelchairs continue to advance their functions.

Motorized wheelchairs are now available and revolutionizing the industry.

These devices are the best option for patients with severe injuries with innovative features, such as:

  • a steering joystick or handle
  • head to chin controller
  • motion-sensitive tubes
  • an eye-to-computer screen controller

Furthermore, the device also offers independence to its users. A motorized wheelchair allows the patient to move around without relying upon other people’s help.

Two Types of Motorized Wheelchair

A motorized wheelchair has two varieties – the manual and automatic wheelchair.

Manual Reclining Motorized Wheelchair

manual reclining wheelchair

Manual reclining wheelchairs offer ease and comfort to its user.

Not to mention, it has a feature where you can switch from manual to electric. To make it even better, it also features a longer battery life, and is still usable in case you forget to charge it.

In addition, manual reclining wheelchairs are cheaper, compared to automatic reclining ones.

Automatic Reclining Wheelchair

automatic reclining wheelchair

Automatic reclining wheelchairs have an up to 160-degree recline. The user can lie on the chair in a more comfortable seating position.

In addition, since this is an auto-recline, the user can easily change different positions.

Benefits of Using Motorized Wheelchair

Motorized wheelchairs offer certain benefits compared to manual ones.

Below are some of the advantages of a motorized wheelchair:

1. Independence to its user

It’s natural for mobility-impaired people to seek independence at times. They may want to do specific things on their own.

Additionally, a motorized wheelchair, along with the aid of a joystick, handle, or remote, is controllable by its user, .

2. Ideal for going long distances

Battery-operated wheelchairs are ideal for long-distance maneuvers, unlike manual chairs.

Manual chairs need a push from someone or are self-propelled, which can cause arm muscle stiffness.

Wheelchair motors, on the contrary, have enough power to propel the user for distances.

Furthermore, some offer up to 6km/hr. of travel speed.

The speed is, undeniably, convenient for a fast-paced environment or situation.

3. Usable on many surfaces

Compared to manual wheelchairs that are mostly used on smooth surfaces only, motorized chairs can be used in almost every area.

Motorized wheelchairs are suitable for different road types and conditions, such as:

  • grass
  • slopes
  • bricks
  • muddy paths
  • rugged roads

4. Offer customizable options to improve comfort

Seat cushions can are removable and replaceable, depending on the user’s preference.

You can also customize them from a 2 or 4 pole motor, depending on the power option you need and prefer.

5. It does all the work for you!

Unlike manual wheelchairs that need a push from someone, motorized wheelchairs have a joystick or handle steer.

Let’s face it: a powered wheelchair lets you move around with more ease and comfort.

Get Your Own Power Wheelchair Today!

Disability is not a hindrance to function daily. We must put an end to the stigma that mobility impairment is the cause for lack of opportunity.

Consider getting your motorized wheelchair to improve your mobility.

So, if you’re looking for a motorized wheelchair in the Philippines, visit Mobility Supplies!

Mobility Supplies’ Motorized Wheelchairs offer two options – manual and automatic reclining.

Check them out and see which one fits your needs and budget better.

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